The makeup we wear is an accessory and how we wear it reveals our personality, style and even our insecurities. I love natural-looking makeup and feel women look loveliest when their makeup is subtle, clean and fresh. Smokey eyes and caked on full coverage foundation is not my idea of the perfect everyday look. When my client says they don’t feel like they’re wearing any makeup and love how natural their reflection is, I’ve done my job. My mission is simple; to teach women what products are best for them and show them how to use those products.

INGREDIENTS We use the finest and search for better
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Out with My Old Makeup

Joan G.
I can't believe I can look this good! I'm going home to clean out my makeup drawer!

It's truly the future of makeup!

Emily M.
My skin was a lost cause. I used what I could just to cover my acne. Customized Cosmetics gave me the coverage I desired along with a beautiful finish! My acne has cleared up and I actually get compliments on my complexion now! It's truly the future of makeup!

It looks and feels very natural

Constance G.
Your customized foundation turned out to be the best I have ever used. It looks and feels very natural and stays on all day without having to reapply! It is the best 'one coat wonder' and I thank you for introducing your product to me.

I felt like a new woman!

Heather M.
Immediately after the consultation, I felt like a new woman! I cannot thank Ashley enough for my new 'youthful' look. She's changed my life forever.

Ashley Sachs

I began Blended to revolutionize how women shop for and wear cosmetics. Blended empowers women of all ages and skin tones to live confidently, with a custom line of cosmetics created specifically for her unique color and the shared knowledge of how to wear them Simply, Lovely.