Lincoln University Custom Foundation Products

Chester Counties Historic Lincoln University located in Oxford, PA was the United States first degree-granting Historically Black College and University and is currently home to over 2,000 undergraduate students. With such a wide variety of students, there are many with differing makeup needs that may not always be satisfied.

Luckily Ashley’s Simple Lovely Blended Makeup located at the Jillian Grace Salon in New London, PA makes it a very convenient stop for custom foundation and custom makeup products for any students attending Lincoln University being only 4 miles away via PA-896 S from Lincoln University. Simple Lovely Blended Makeup provides all things skin care, health, and beauty related, with each customer being given unique treatment and products to match exactly what they need so that their beauty products match their skin tone or the look they are going for exactly.

Simply Lovely Blended is a definite go to for any student or resident near Lincoln University or the surrounding area unsatisfied with their current health and beauty product or application options.

Simply Lovely Blended Makeup provides custom blend foundations, bronzers, blushes, concealers, and more. Anyone from the Lincoln University area who decides to go and try Simply Blended Makeup’s custom products will definitely be satisfied and get results they couldn’t get with big brand makeup products.